All About Samsung A03s


The Samsung A03 is a small but powerful Android smartphone which packs quite a punch. With the ability to browse the internet on its big screen, this handset has the ability to do everything your colleague’s latest phone can. In terms of size, it is slightly smaller than the iPhone and has a bigger battery so you should have plenty of power to get through your day. As well as its size, this handset has some top features which make it highly desirable among buyers. samsung a03s

With the Samsung Galaxy A03S, you are getting a fully functioning mobile that will last you a long time. It is the perfect example of a smartphone which is durable and reliable at the same time. In terms of the design, the phone is quite impressive, even though the body is nothing special. The look of this smartphone makes it appealing for most consumers, who want something unique.

When it comes to performance, the Samsung A03s performs very well indeed. It comes with a quad core processor from Samsung, which allows it to run apps smoothly without any lag or slowdown. Furthermore, the A032 comes with the Exynos 2.4ghz and this is the reason why this handset runs so quickly. Users who are looking to buy this smartphone can go for the unlocked version which comes with the latest operating system which is 5.1.

However, the real star of this handset is its high-end features that have made it so popular. For instance, the keyboard has been equipped with larger text size and the home button has also been relocated to a bigger area, which is a nice change. In terms of browsing and internet usage, users can go for the browser that comes preinstalled in this gadget. The browser runs smoothly and allows users to browse the internet easily. This feature however, works only on the Android Kit Kat 4.4 platform. Other versions might not work properly and could cause the gadget to crash.

On the other hand, the internet features of this Samsung smartphone are quite good. There are several internet applications which can be used with this gadget such as the messaging app, news reader, and the music player. When it comes to internet usage, it would work smoothly on any network which is present in the area. The Samsung browser also supports the private browsing mode, which means the user can browse the internet in the private mode. Therefore, this device can be used as a tablet as well as a smartphone and this is what makes it such a good buy.

Samsung has also included several innovative features in the Samsung a03. For example, the browser offers the tab browsing, which means users can browse the internet first by tabbing through the web pages which have been set as favourites in the browser. There is also speed dialing, which means users can easily enter a number for which they want to dial directly. To add to all, the Samsung browser also offers a lock screen which prevents the users from being disturbed by the random taps while they are using the mobile phone. Apart from all these functions, it has excellent camera facilities and this enables the users to take snaps of their friends and family and share them via the social networking sites.

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