Great Features And Functions Of The Reno 6 Pro


Bring professional level photographs to life with the camera of your dreams – the Oppo Reno 6 Pro. Redefine your smartphone camera experience with the powerful new smartphone camera of the future. The Oppo packs everything you could ever want in one convenient small camera. It comes with a spectacular combination of high-speed, ultra-small, ultra-high resolution, ultra-capture sharp  images and brilliant photo modes. It’s equipped with tons of professional-quality features including: Reno 6 Pro

* Perfect for action and family photos. * Capturing family occasions like holidays and birthday parties. * Capture special moments with your kids. The Oppo 6.55-inch smartphone camera from Sony adds fantastic picture quality. The images coming from the camera are crystal clear.

* Perfect for action and sports. The reds, whites, greens, blues and blacks of the Oppo reno six pro are great for capturing action scenes. You can shoot fast moving action scenes with fast shutter speed. The camera offers high-speed single image processing. The coloros 11.3-inch is also another great choice for the sports enthusiasts.

* Choose from the amazing array of picture modes and image stabilization. * Use the built-in image stabilization for taking clear portraits. * Take a high-definition image every time with the advanced video recording modes.

* Take perfect pictures in any light condition. The Sony cameras has an inbuilt white balance compensation which provides good pictures in low-light conditions. * Use the manual mode for shooting in any mode. * The coloros series also offers the wonderful manual black and white modes that can be used for improving the quality of the image. * A great feature of the camera is the ability to switch between color or black and white modes depending on the kind of image you want to capture.

The camera is powered by the advanced chipset called MediaXtune that features the advanced processors including the xD memory card, the SLS modules, the OTG cables, the TRT duality charge connectors, the USB charging port, micro SD slot, the VT reader and much more. The microSD slot can support up to two hundred and twenty pictures. The OTG cables let you use other digital cameras like the Nikon and Canon as well. It also has the handy remote control that lets you control the camera from a distance. With all these amazing features, the Sony Oppo Rebo 6 definitely stands out among its peers in the photography world. It’s not as thick as the normal cameras but the compact body makes it easy to carry.

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